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President LIN Tao meets with chairman of SingEx Holdings Pte Ltd


On the afternoon of September 8, chairman of SingEx Holdings Pte Ltd Bob Tan and his colleagues visited CCPIT Guangdong. LIN Tao, president of CCPIT Guangdong, met with the guests.

President LIN Tao extended warm welcome to guests and briefed them on the economic development of Guangdong and the situation of CCPIT Guangdong. LIN said “ CCPIT Guangdong has a long standing relationship with Worldex-SingEx Exhibitions (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. , which is the Chinese subsidiary company of SingEx Holdings Pte Ltd. We hope that through our good cooperative relationship, we can strengthen our cooperation on Exhibition; by our economy and commercial platform such as exhibition, we can help more Guangdong enterprises ‘ go abroad’ to the countries along the Belt and Road Initiative. This will further improve the level of opening-up of Guangdong Province and develop an open economy.”

Chairman Bob Tan introduced the situation of SingEx Holdings Pte Ltd to the present. Tan said “

The economic and trade exchanges between Guangdong and Singapore become more frequent in recent years. We hoped that both sides can give full play to respective advantages in the areas of resources and continue to strengthen the cooperation with CCPIT Guangdong in exhibition and some other fields.”