ID Title Date
1 Greater Bay Area to be largest bay economy by 2020 2018/6/8
2 LIN Tao meets with deputy director of Guangdong Provincial Bureau of State Secrecy 2018/5/18
3 LIN Tao meets with Deputy Director of the Department of Trade Promotion of the Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia 2018/5/17
4 CCPIT Guangdong held a conference to implement the follow-up work of Governor MA Xingrui’s visit to Europe 2018/5/15
5 SHEN Meihong meets with CCPIT Commercial Legal Service Center director 2018/5/15
6 YAO Xinmin visits Guangdong Guanghong Food Group CO., Ltd 2018/5/15
7 QIU Zhaoxian goes to Dongguan City to conduct study on the Sino-U.S. trade frictions 2018/5/9
8 CCPIT Guangdong holds the Sino-U.S. trade frictions seminar in Foshan 2018/5/9
9 LIN Tao attends the opening ceremony of 2018 Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show 2018/5/8
10 QIU Zhaoxian attends the founding assembly of CCPIT China Corporate Compliance Promotion Alliance (CCCPA) 2018/5/8
11 CCPIT Guangdong provides International Commercial Legal Service for Canton Fair 2018/5/8
12 YAO Xinmin goes to Zhongshan City for research 2018/5/8
13 AO Yan attends the CCPIT ” One Province, One Exhibition” work meeting 2018/5/7
14 ZHANG Hua meets with deputy general manger of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation Guangdong Branch 2018/5/7
15 ZHANG Hua meets with Portuguese Ambassador to China 2018/5/4
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